Script Consulting

No project is like the other and each and every one needs an individual support. Therefore we tailor our consulting according to the needs and wishes of our customers as well as the development status and requirements of the project. The following list of services is supposed to be a useful guide to what we can offer.

script assessment
A script assessment is a short, written assessment covering strengths and weaknesses of your concept or script, usually between 3 and 4 pages long.
detailed analysis
A detailed analysis reflects the essential aspects of a treatment or script (theme, characters, structure, dialogues). In addition to that different suggestions for the further development are offered.
The potential of a novel or other books can be assessed in an adaptation analysis, where also concrete suggestions for a possible adaptation are provided.
script consulting and project development

During a consulting session of several hours, we will discuss the project idea and intentions, strengths and weaknesses of the material, as well as the expectations of the different partners in the team (writer, director, producer). We provide relevant and concrete proposals and recommendations for the further development of the story. The goal is to agree on a new draft or next development steps for the project. We are happy to summarize the results of the meeting in a short report.

We will support the entire development process from the initial idea to the finished product. If required, we can also give advice during the editing process.